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9 Things to Know About Jordan 1s Basketball Shoes

9 Things to Know About Jordan 1s Basketball Shoes

The iconic Jordan 1s basketball shoes have been a favorite since they debuted in

Since their debut in 1985, the Jordan 1s basketball shoe has been a go-to staple for stylish and practical dunkers everywhere. Designed to be both comfortable and fashionable, these shoes have become an icon of the hoops world and remain popular to this day.

Here are nine things to know about them if you're looking to buy a pair.

Jordans 1s combine classic styling with modern technology, such as a curved sole that offers superior grip, and Nike Air cushioning for shock absorption. Crafted with a combination of leather, suede, and synthetic materials for durability, Jordan 1s come in an array of iconic color combinations to choose from. Besides being fashionable, the shoes are popular because they are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for basketball players.

History: A Brief Overview

Jordan 1s are a classic model of sneaker originally released by Nike in 1985. This iconic shoe was designed for the American basketball player and global icon Michael Jordan, who is widely known as 'His Airness' due to his innovative playing style. The Jordan 1's are best known for their unique red, black and white ‘Chicago’ colorway, which paid homage to Jordan’s hometown city of Chicago. Since its release the iconic sneaker has become the most popular basketball shoe ever made.

Varieties & Their Features

Jordan 1s come in a variety of colors and designs, each having unique features. The original 1985 version featured Nike's Air cushioning technology as well as a red, white and black colorway, which has remained its most iconic look. Since then other Nike Jordan’s have been released featuring different materials such as leather, suede and patent leather. A range of colors from the classic color scheme to modern combinations can also be found on the market today.

Best Colors and Designs

The Jordan 1s are available in a variety of classic and modern color schemes, such as the original Red/White/Black combination, White/Grey/Metallic Gold, Black Toe, "Bred," "Royal," and "Teal". Additionally Nike has teamed up with Off-White to re-work the iconic sneaker in new modern colorways. One of the most popular shoe releases this year was the Jordan 1 Fearless which fuses together OG design cues while introducing vibrant colors. Fans have also been able to create their own custom designs by using Nike's ID customization tool.

Best Buy: New or Used?

It depends - if you're looking for a specific colorway or design of the Jordan 1s, it might be best to purchase a new pair. Used shoes can be found for sale online but the selection will be more limited. Additionally, those who have access to Nike's customization tool may find it beneficial to create a custom pair that expresses their own personal style. Purchasing a new Jordan 1s ensures you will get the most out of your money as the shoe will be in its original condition.


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