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can you wear nike golf shoes as regular shoes?

many people have question about the nike golf shoes so let's clear it.

what is regular shoes that means what you daily wear for your use, where else for work or something else.

golf shoes are special, and they look good on you but sometimes it depends. you should select great one that fit you and you like it.

can you wear nike golf shoes as regular shoes?

yes, you can wear it nike golf shoes as regular shoes. it fit you and most of people like the nike golf shoes for daily use and they are good but also better.


1) Air Jordan 12 Low

2) Nike Air Max 90 G

3) Nike Air Max 270 G

Pros and Cons

pros for wearing golf shoes

Ease, Convenience, and Comfort

Travel Light


cons for wearing golf shoes

Wearing out

Limited Designs

High price

final words

if you like nike golf shoes for wearing regular use then do it and do not think for others.

here are some nike golf shoes for you


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