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Do Nike Shoes Have Warranty

If your Nike shoes begin falling apart within 2 years from the manufacturers date, there is a good chance that you will be eligible for a free replacement. According to Nikes own trademark policies found on its website, a Nike footwear or clothing item may be returned within two years of its manufacturing date should it show defects in its workmanship or materials. Nikes guarantee qualifies this by saying if its products have developed flaws within two years after they were purchased, then it is acceptable to return them. As mentioned, Nike does indeed offer a two-year guarantee for Nike shoes and apparel, so you still have until the date of purchase to return your shoes if they are 30 days older than but shorter than two years old.

If you feel that you are getting defective goods, and that is within 30 days from purchase, you can just return them to Nike and get your money back in full. If you return the defective pair within 60 days, the brands website says, you will receive a full refund, but beyond that window - and prior to two years - there are some steps to take. If it is been longer than 60 days, and less than two years from when you purchased your defective piece, Nike needs to be contacted about making the return, either through an online order on a website or an app, or an online order placed in a Nike Store.

The Nike Return Policy exists in Nike Factory Stores, and will require approval of the manager to return items without a receipt. Nike advises checking with the stores where you purchased the shoes for their return policies prior to shipping your shoes, since authorized Nike retailers are also allowed to accept returns for defects in workmanship or materials. Nike works with authorized retailers to accept returns of products that have material or workmanship flaws.

The company does not accept returns if the shoes develop imperfections from wear. Nike mentioned that Nike will accept a product back if you find flaws with a product after purchasing. Nike is standing behind customers that are honestly looking to return defective products.

Taken to TikToks One Man Platform, Josh Rincon breaks down the Nike policy, which means that if shoes develop flaws, you can return them, as long as they are within two years from their manufacture date. When told one mans Nike shoes, which he claimed were defective, could not be returned due to being past their 30 day period, the man explained the Nike guarantee promises. According to a post on Facebook, worn childrens Nike shoes are eligible for returns up to two years after the date of purchase, according to a date inside the shoes tongue.

Runners, do not think that Nikes pretty generous refund policy is an opt-in option for replacing worn shoes each year. Nikes pretty generous return policy has to find fault with a shoe before it will give you a refund or an exchange.


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