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How Long Do Custom Nike Shoes Take

For example, with the Nike By You shoes, it takes them a whopping six weeks just to be made. Add this to the amount of time that the shoes require for manufacturing, and you will understand why Nike takes several weeks before they have your order in place. While it may take up to 12 business days for Nike to ship, there is a chance that products will arrive far faster than this.

Currently, it takes between one and 12 business days for products to be delivered by Nike, depending on which delivery option you choose when checking out. Nike takes two to four days for orders shipped using its Standard Delivery option. Nike also has an expedited service which may take between two and four working days (workdays exclude holidays, weekends, or weekends).

Generally, you can expect Nike to take between two to six weeks for custom orders from Nike By You and Converse. Custom orders for the Converse brand and Nike By You will take 2-4 weeks, and there is no standard, expedited shipping options.

Nike takes one to two weeks to deliver an order when you do not use the expedited shipping options. Even when you do order No Rush, you might be wondering why it takes Nike so much time to send out and deliver your order. Yes, Nike has expedited delivery options, depending on your order.

For custom items, like Nike By You shoes, the lead time for delivery and shipping may be extended. No need to worry about the fast-tracked delivery timelines after orders placed via Nike By You and Converse arrive in between two to six weeks.

Many millions of customers buy products at Nike online, and Nike takes orders every day and delivers products as fast as it can. Customers can buy Nike gear, shoes, apparel, and other products at popular sporting stores, at Nike Outlets, at Nike Stores, and online through Nikes web site. For example, say that you want to buy a pair of personalized Air Force Ones, most of our artists would have them ordered through the Nike site, or from a licensed Nike dealer like Foot Locker.

Nike members also need to include the shipping address and location of where the item will be shipped. Customers may return items up to 30 days with no questions asked by Nike regarding returns.

You can return products within 60 days (some limitations apply), including Nike By You-branded customized sneakers. Nike offers the ability to return the sneakers you buy for any reason, provided that you are within the 60-day trial period. According to the official Nike site, Nike gives customers 60 days from purchase to return sneakers.

These deadlines may vary depending on which items were ordered, as well as other factors only Nike is able to consider. For instance, if you were ordering a pair of custom Nike Air Force 1 Lows, such as in the photos below, that design would probably take about 1 - 2 hours to make. The more detailed your shoes are, the more time Nike would need to create custom shoes designed by you, and to send them to you.


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