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How To Clean White Shoes Nike

Use a soft brush or sponge that is been immersed in your laundry detergent solution to gently brush the shoes. Stir to ensure that it is well blended Gently brush your shoes with the mix using an old toothbrush.

Use an old toothbrush to scrub the mud off of the shoes, if there are any pebbles on the surface. Use an old toothbrush to spread out a paste-like texture onto the shoes, right over the stain. Use your old toothbrush to brush the baking soda mix on to the surface of the white sneakers.

Or, tap the shoes together to get rid of any excess paste, if you do not have a shoe brush. Once dry, swat away excess, then wash the shoes thoroughly in clean water. Dry your shoes afterward using a clean towel, shaking off any excess water if needed.

Soak a paper towel, press out any excess water, then lightly brush off the outer part of your shoes. Use a dry cloth to wipe any excess solution from your Nike shoes, as well as lift up any remaining soap. Use a soft-bristle brush and your solution to scrub your Nike shoes soles. Use the soft-bristled brush to absorb a little soapy water and start brushing the shoes.

You should end up with a soapy mix; put some onto a soft washcloth or a soft brush, then use a soft washcloth to scrub out any dirt from outside of the shoes. Once you are done brushing, rinse out the soapy mixture, wiping down the soles with a clean cloth. You can use a soft washcloth for this -- wet it with a little hot water, then use that to brush any dirt, grass, or dirt from underneath. Then, using a sponge, cloth, or brush, put a little bit of cleaner on the dirtier parts (or some mild laundry detergent mixed in with the warm water).

Soak your laces in the solution Rinse your shoes under warm water under a sink, making sure you fully rinse any remaining solutions. Use a toothbrush dipped into the mixture to brush the sneakers, let sit 30 minutes to let the baking soda do its magic, and then wash them off with water. Pull the shoes off of the sneakers, and hand-wash in soapy hot water (gentle dishwashing detergent works well). Let soak for a couple hours, and air-dry.

Wipe with a towel -- next, soak your stiff brush in a cleaning solution, and scrub down your sneakers midsole and bottom. Place your sneakers in an area with moderate humidity, away from direct sunlight. Apply disinfecting spray on your soles to eliminate any remaining bacteria from binding up your shoes. Use weatherproofing spray to seal in your sneakers and prevent any stains. Place the shoes trees, then put the sneakers into shoe bags. Put the sneakers in cool, dry areas. Always ensure your cleaning solution and brushes are made specifically for the material of the sneakers. Wipe off with the towel.- Next, dip your hard brush in the cleaning solution, then scrub the midsoles and bottom of your sneakers.Put your sneakers in a semi-airy space away from direct sunlight.Do a disinfecting spray for the insoles to kill off any remaining bacteriaLace up your shoes.Use a weatherproofing spray to seal in your sneakers and keep off stains.Insert shoe trees, and put them your sneakers in shoe bags.Place your sneakers in a cool, dry place.Always make sure that your cleaning solutions and brushes are meant for your type of sneaker material. Add some white toothpaste gel with some water, and brush off the dirty areas.


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